A leading hair growth supplement is about to get even better, with a new and improved formula that promises to be the most effective treatment for hair loss yet!

Hair loss affects up to 65 percent of men by the age of 40, and without a cure for baldness, this is an issue that isn't about to go away anytime soon.  

However, leading hair health brand, HR23+, might be about to change that, because their hugely successful hair growth supplement is about to get even better, and even more effective, according to company insiders.

A newly tweaked and vastly improved formula will be available to purchase in October, 2018, with improved performance and optimal results.
hair growth supplement for hair loss

HR23+ is already becoming one of the leading products of its kind on the market, so we ask, if the supplement is already a popular and effective solution for baldness, then why the drastic changes?  HR23+'s official statement said:
 "Our formula has been successful for over three years, but that doesn't mean we're about to sit on our laurels. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to develop and improve the product. This is a very competitive market, and science is developing quickly - that's why we want to stay ahead of the game and keep bringing our customers the very best product for their hair."
They go on to say:
"We have been been testing a few things out, and in order to improve our formula, we've gone for purer extracts, and we've also added a couple of ingredients like nettle leaf extract to the list. This has been found to work well with saw palmetto in helping block the formation of DHT."
We've covered and reviewed the HR23+ brand a few times here on The Male Grooming Review, and we've always rated it as the best hair supplement on the market, and by some distance. So, it will be interesting to see if the development of this supplement will improve its effectiveness even further. 
"We are not changing the formula, but rather developing it, and taking it to the next level. We've had some great feedback from our customers who have been experiencing amazing results from using our supplement. But users who are happy with the supplement should not worry, because our new batch will not in any way shape or form affect its performance. If anything, the performance will be improved."
So, now we all know we have this exciting new supplement hitting the shelves next month, let's try and answer some common questions that we're bound to have about the new product...

When exactly will the 'new' HR23+ be available to purchase? 

The new and improved hair supplement will be available to purchase some time in the first week of October, 2018. However, times could change depending on the manufacturing process.  You will be able to pre-order the product in mid-September.

Will this developed formula cure baldness?

If you're looking for a hair loss cure, then you won't find it here, or anywhere else on the market, for that matter. However, many men and women have seen amazing results from using this product, and those results are set to become even more evident with the developed formula.

What should you expect from the developed formula?

You shouldn't expect miracles, but the 'new' HR23+ should be able to help you prevent the effects of shedding, caused by common forms of hair loss, such as male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). You can also expect to see faster and stronger hair growth with this supplement.

Edit: 2022 update

Four years on from the tweaked changes, HR23+ supplement has undergone some more changes in the continuance of the development of the product. 

The summer of 2022 saw HR23+ add pumpkin seed extract to their already effective supplement. Pumpkin seeds consist of cucurbitin, a unique amino that can stimulate the healthy function of hair growth, and in some cases hair regrowth. 

It was found that the effectiveness of pumpkin seed extract was increased when blended with some of the existing additives in HR23+ supplement, such as nettle leaf extract, saw palmetto, and ginkgo biloba. 

An official statement from the company:
"We are always looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of HR23+ supplement with continuous trials and testing. Although very minor, the latest development of the product has already shown to improve its effectiveness, particularly its ability to stimulate the function of healthy hair growth. We firmly believe that HR23+ is the most effective non-medical hair loss treatment on the market, bar none."
If you are one of many men suffering from early signs of male pattern baldness, then give HR23+ a try. This non-medical supplement is a safe alternative to prescription medications, which means you will never have to compromise on your health and wellbeing. 

Try HR23+, risk free. Order today.

HR23+ new formula for treating hair loss