Work has started on memobottle™; the original flat, premium and reusable drink bottle designed to fit in your bag. The memobottle™ is leading a one bottle movement to inspire a more reusable community to reduce single-use bottle consumption.

Designed to fit in in your bag alongside computers, books and valuable and available in sizes A5, A6, A7 and Slim, the memobottle™ is a truly convenient and beautiful alternative to the plastic water bottle. The memobottle™ combines minimalist, sustainable design with everyday functionality.

The memobottle™; a flat, premium and reusable drink bottle designed to fit in a bag has captured the world’s attention through practical, convenient design while carrying a strong message of the importance of a sustainable future.

The memobottle™ was born on a coastal community just south of Melbourne, Australia; by creators Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt. The founders became inspired to design a bottle that could effectively lure consumers away from single use bottles. ‘For years we have been focused on creative design that provides environmental remedy while improving social convenience’, said Byrt. Leeworthy, a Product Design Engineer, set out to work on a design that soon became the memobottle™.

The inspiration stemmed from two problems that the co-founders saw in society. Firstly, given their attachment to the outdoors and environment, the duo developed a passionate desire to reduce single use bottle consumption and its disastrous effect on the environment. Secondly, throughout their schooling, university, and professional work lives, they experienced constant frustrations with the inability to fit round water bottles in carry/laptop bags.

“Somewhere along the line, society became fixated on designing cylindrical shaped bottles. Rather than making a product that conforms to the status, we decided to create something that is easy to transport but still holds the functional aspects of traditional bottles”, says Leeworthy

The memobottle™ comes in sizes, A5 (£29.95), A6 (£22.95), A7 (£19.95) and Slim (£27.95) resembling international paper sizes by the same name. You can accessorise your memobottle™ with grain leather sleeves and a variety of bottle tops shades and materials.
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