STOER Skincare for Men was acquired by a Technology based company, Integumen, on Friday 17th November 2017.

After spending 4 years researching, developing and launching STOER Skincare for Men, which included securing the initial exclusive stocking and retailing of the brand in Harvey Nichols & Virgin Atlantic, the brand’s founder, Marianne Morrison has chosen to exit the company at this time.

Using her skillset and experience in this sector, Marianne is now focusing on the launch
of a female skincare product offering in 2018 of the same quality and unique

Morrison Comments, “The opportunity to exit has allowed me to bring forward existing plans to introduce a female product offering, which I can now become fully entrenched in. I will be sharing more details about this dynamic and exciting new brand in 2018! 

STOER will always have a very special place in my heart, it was my very first creation.
For more information, please contact Marianne Morrison T: 07525 069722