The male grooming sector continues to grow, and the choice has become bigger than ever before. British supermarkets now stock multiple ranges of affordable grooming products, and here we bring you four of the best...

Bull Dog

Probably the biggest, and fastest growing, male grooming brand out there, the Bull Dog range really does cater for every aspect of male beauty. What started off as a skincare range has gradually expanded into a full-on male grooming collection, boasting additional items such as beard oils, shaving foams, hair care products and deodorants.  If you're looking for a naturally formulated collection of grooming gems, then be sure to check out the Bull Dog range.

Dove Men Care

Dove, known historically for its soaps and women's body care solutions, launched its male grooming collection a few years ago, and it has proved to be a popular range since. Affordable and easy to access through all major supermarkets, Dove Men Care is a collection worth trying for the guys who prefer a fuss-free approach to their grooming routine.

Rock Face

This quirky male grooming brand specialises in two main aspects of men's beauty - skincare and body care. It's not often that guys will purchase the full Rock Face collection, but rather pick one or two products from this impressive line.  If you're short of a buck or two, then Rock Face offers you an excellent alternative to the more expensive brands, but not compromising on performance.

Man Cave

One of the newer lines to hit big supermarket chains like Sainsbury's, Man Cave offers men as small but innovative collection of male grooming products.  The products from this cool brand includes body care sprays, moisturisers, shampoos and shaving gels.  With its refreshing scent and affordable price, this collection gives you pretty much everything you could want from a grooming range.