8 things that will definitely happen in Fresher's Week

You meet 1,000 people but remember no names.  You’ll sign up to absolutely everything at fresher’s fair for all the freebies. Even Harry Potter’s Quidditch Society.  No fresher's week is a fresher's week without a bit of fancy dress – no doubt you’ll be dressing as a school girl/boy

Snakebites will most DEFINITELY be the best thing that you discover. Getting in from nights out at 7am when you have a lecture at 9am more times than you’d think, so be sure to have your SOS hair styling essentials at all times…

Pasta and pizza will be your only source of food – doesn’t sound too bad though, right?  You will pretty much spend all your student loan in the first week – it is going to happen.  Attendance the day after student night is probably not going to happen…

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