Here are 5 male grooming summer essentials to help get you through the hotter months of the year, feeling and looking better than ever!

The most drastic change in your grooming routine usually occurs in the summer season. With temperatures rocketing, summer is the time of year when you really should be taking extra pride in the grooming products you use. After all, it's not just about looking good - it's also more importantly about keeping your skin, hair and body as healthy as possible.  So, here are five grooming essentials to consider this summer... 

1. SPF 20 Face Lotion

Be sure to keep your face hydrated and fully protected during summer. Our faces are constantly exposed to the sun, therefore using a good SPF 20 throughout the day will keep your facial skin protected from the harmful UV rays, thus preventing unwanted premature ageing skin. 

2. SPF 30 Hair Cream

Not many men realise it, but too much exposure to the sun can leave your hair damaged. Some men even experience severe shedding during the hot climate, therefore you should always look to keep your locks protected with a deep working SPF 30 cream on your strands.

3. Tinting Moisturiser

You may think using a tinting moisturiser would be pointless, but summer is actually the best time to use one.  Tinting moisturisers can even out the skin complexion and cover slight skin burn, to give you a healthier and more attractive skin tone. they also hydrate your face  which is a very welcome bonus.  

4. Scalp Therapy Serum

If you suffer from early stages of male pattern baldness or just seem to shed more hair in the summer months, then get hold of a good hair growth serum that works deep into your hair to give you the best possible chance of maintaining a good, thick set of locks.  KGF, saw palmetto and biotin are all excellent hair beneficiary ingredients used in HR23+ Serum, that prevent hair fall and encourage health growth. 

5. Hair Thickening Shampoo

There are literally tons of shampoo brands out there that can hugely benefit your hair from June to September. Be sure to grab a good hair thickening shampoo that is designed to energise hair cells and encourage better hair growth.  A decent shampoo is also great for overall skin health.