This weekend, London’s fashion scene staged their biannual takeover of Zone 1 for the SS18 shows. Those in the know are saying goodbye to their winter beards for the warmer months. The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin is the perfect tool for men with skin not used to a clean-shave.

Themes of androgyny, ‘anything goes’ and the seemingly inescapable allure of 70s style dominated the fashion catwalks this week. Meanwhile, the streets outside the shows were lined with some of the best-dressed men from around the world, arguably just as influential as the headline designers themselves, with their style and grooming choices also impacting trends and sales globally.

The result? Men up and down the country are becoming ever more experimental with their looks, and expressing their style beyond their clothing choices, with facial hair grooming becoming one of the key ways in which they show their colours.

In January, Braun reported that the most popular style sported by Fashion Week attendees was stylised stubble, with groomed goatees emerging as another firm favourite. For SS though, we are witnessing a return to a youthful and fresh look, with a clean shave dominating both inside and outside the shows.

However, for SS, men seem to be saying goodbye to their winter beards for the warmer months – a smart choice, and one which will doubtless help many to avoid the dreaded “beard reverse-tan”. But how should you go about sheering away months of growth without wreaking havoc on the skin below?

The key is to starting with a good trimmer, such as the new Braun Beard Trimmer, which has detachable smart-clippers, making it the perfect tool for trimming facial hair. Bit-by-bit is best – start with the longest guard first, and work your way down to the shortest, before going in with your shaver.

Skin that has been covered with facial hair may be much more prone to shaving-related irritation, so for the full clean shave, you will need a shaver that is designed for men with sensitive skin. The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin shaver has advanced MicroComb technology, a comb-like structure that guides the beard hairs into the cutting element of the trimmer and reduces overall shaving time and thus skin irritation by cutting short and long hairs simultaneously. What’s more, the shaver’s SensoFoils adapt to every facial contour to offer a comfortable shave that is faster than ever before.

Once the job is done, use a gentle facial scrub to remove the dead skin cells that the beard was holding on to, and a light moisturiser with SPF to protect the skin that has been shielded from the light of day for months!

The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin is available at and other retailers from RRP £39.99 (price at the sole discretion of the retailer). High res product image attached. All images are Garcon Jon for Braun at London Fashion Week Men’s.