You’re growing out your manly mane and its now time to learn how to keep your beard healthy. Maintaining a beard is often an overlooked process. We get caught up in the style and ways to grow a beard that we forget about maintaining it.

Keeping your beard healthy is the most important part. You’ve spent so much time growing your beard and shaping it and you don’t want that time wasted. We’re going to give you some tips to help you keep your beard in top notch health.

Washing Your Beard

Now you may think that washing your beard is a no brainer. You may be surprised to know that you can cause damage to your beard from washing it.

Don’t use the same shampoo for your head on your beard. Your beard hairs are quite different and that shampoo can cause damage. Once you’ve reached a decent beard size it’ll be time to use a beard shampoo. A good beard shampoo is formulated just for beard hairs, moisturises the skin, and won’t cause any damage.

Also, make sure you're not washing your beard too often. If you're washing your beard everyday you're stripping out the natural oils your beard needs to be healthy. It'll cause brittle beard, split ends, and can cause your beard to hurt your skin.

Instead, aim to wash your beard 2 or 3 times per week. That's the ideal frequency for most guys and seems to work out the best.

Using Beard Products

There’s quite a selection of products on the market to choose from for your beard. The one product you should be using no matter what is beard oil. If you’re anything like me you’re probably a little sceptical of the stuff. Turns out it’s the best choice I ever made for my beard. 

Beard oils are best applied right after taking a shower. It helps replace the natural oils your beard lost from being washed. It's also great to use in the mornings to not only keep your beard healthy but to help style your beard or even make your beard hair straight.


Diet and Exercise

You may not want to hear this part, but diet and exercise play a big role in your beards health. Eating peanuts, salmon, and a variety of other foods help your beard to grow. Here’s a short video that gives you 9 foods beneficial to the growth of your beard.

Exercise helps keep your beard healthy and here’s why. When you exercise, your body produces more testosterone and testosterone triggers hair growth. It also increases your metabolism which can spur hair growth and health as well.

Diet and exercise are your most natural method to health. You’re not only going to feel great and have more energy, you’re also going to have one killer beard.


Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed this article on beard health. There’s much more you can do to continue seeing great results with your facial hair. Let us know some of your own tips and recommendations by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! 

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