It's time to dust down those razors and brushes, as the month of October is dedicated to wet shaving. Shave Season is finally is upon us once again... 

With all the talk and focus firmly on the trends of beards and moustaches, the next four weeks is a great time to be a wet shaver. As part of the three month block in the grooming calendar of Facial Hair Season, October kicks things off with Shave Season

So, what does Shave Season actually mean? Well, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin! Shave season is a four week period that is dedicated to traditional shaving. So, for one month only, forget about the mainstream brands and get yourself an old fashioned razor, shave soap and shaving brush. With Movember and Decembeard fast approaching, this may be your last chance to sport a clean shave for a while.

Many grooming brands offer excellent discounts and prizes during Shave Season, so be sure to check out some of the big hitters online and at local beauty stores near you.