Facial hair aficionados Ruffians have teamed up with leading razor brand Dorco, using their Pace 6 Plus to create five ultimate looks to ensure you’re raising hairs this Halloween.

Make sure as well as your spook-takular costume, you creep it real with your facial hair game. Whether you’re looking to sport a ferocious mane, carefully styled goatee or a devilish tuft of hair on the chin – your facial fuzz is the perfect extension to your outfit and we’ve got you covered. After all, a good barber is a man’s best friend…

Channel your inner Wolverine and let your beard run wild and free. Use the 6 blades at random to keep the hair looking choppy and the trimmer blade to add extra definition. Combs are out, big and bushy is most certainly in!

  • Start with a full beard to pull off this look.
  • Apply a thick layer of shaving foam to the face, trim down the moustache and shave off all neck hair.
  • Use the trimmer blade at the back of the razor to remove cheek hair, keeping most of the beard along the jawline. Next, shave an inverted triangle into the chin area.
  • Backcomb your hair, and dress with Wolverine claws and a ripped white vest (or shirtless if you’ve got the abs to pull in off!) to complete the look.

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky… get your moustache in check this Halloween, Gomez Addams style using the nifty trimmer – perfect for all those tricky areas!
  • You’ll need a ‘tache for this one! 
  • Apply a thick layer of shaving foam to the face.
  • Remove all facial hair, keeping only a moustache above the upper lip.
  • Using the trimmer blade remove hair from the top of the moustache, creating a thin, long line of hair - pencil in with black liner for extra definition!
  • Finally, slick your hair back and throw on a dark bow-tie to really give you the edge.

Proving you don’t always have to be loud and proud, recreate silent comic actor Charlie Chaplin’s iconic ‘tache. Offering a true one stroke shaving solution, Dorco Pace 6 Plus glides effortlessly across your face to keep the fuzz above your upper lip.
  • A fuzzy upper lip is needed to nail this one.
  • Start by trimming down any stray beard hairs before coating the face in shaving foam
  • Clean shave the entire face, keeping only hair above the upper lip.
  • Using the trimmer blade, shave the ends of the moustache – your moustache should look thick and short! Fill in with dark eyeshadow to create a fuller look.
  • Whack on some eyeliner, adopt a dopey expression and black bowler hat and voila!

James Bond is the ultimate dude. A ladies man with not a single hair out of place, Dorco Pace 6 Plus will make sure you’re ready for whatever obstacles stand in your way. A combination of Vitamin E, Aloe and Lavender Oil makes Dorco perfect for a full-scale wet shave and will keep skin smoother than a baby’s bottom.
  • The quickest and easiest of the lot, this look is easily achievable no matter how much face fluff you own.
  • Coat the whole face in shaving foam and remove all hair, including the neck. Don’t forget to moisturise afterwards!
  • With a sharp suit and an air of mystery, you’ll be fighting them off in no time.

Sail the seven seas as Captain Jack Sparrow and embrace the plaited beard and jewels in abundance. Whilst you’re at it, gain full control with the non-slip rubber handle as you master the rough and ready look.

  • The more facial hair the better in this case!
  • Cover the mid to upper cheeks in shaving foam and remove all hair. Keep the majority of the beard across the jawline and on the chin – think thick and fuzzy!
  • If your beard can go the mile, separate it in half and make two plaits, adding a bead on the end. If your beard can’t, stick two plait extensions onto the chin using eyelash glue – works a treat!
  • Tie a bandana around the head, add jewellery and pull out any remaining hairs to ensure a rugged look

Order from Dorco UK’s online shop at www.razorsbydorco.co.uk as a one-off purchase, or arrange delivery straight to the crypt via the flexible online subscription service.