They are without question, the two greatest football stars of our generation, but more importantly to us, who is better styled and groomed: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have dominated the football world for the past decade, and for two such iconic idols, they really couldn't be more different, both as football players and personalities. One is right footed, the other is left. One is apparently a team player, while the other is more of an individual. One stands at a towering 6'2 tall, and the other at a mere 5'7. Like anything in life, which player you think is better really does depend on your own personal preference. Do you prefer power and speed, or grace and trickery? Are you a Ronaldo or a Messi? 

It's not just football that makes these two men so different. It seems like their style and grooming off the pitch couldn't be further apart either. Ronaldo is always cleanly shaved, has perfectly styled hair and a waxed body to compliment his muscley torso. Messi however, is the total opposite - sporting a beard, slightly longer, dyed hair and covered in body art. Both men are incredibly stylish in our book, but at completely different ends of the style and grooming scale.  

What both men do have in common is two things. Firstly, they are both exceptionally talented at what they do on a football pitch, and secondly, they both know how to style and groom themselves. Whether you're a Ronaldo or a Messi fan, you can't deny that both players know exactly what they're doing on and off the football field.