If, like many men, you are seriously losing your hair, then you'll probably be in a bit of a panic about what to do next. Here, The Male Grooming Review goes through a few options that most guys in your shoes usually take in order to battle hair loss to help increase their confidence. 

Ever thought about a tattoo? 
Seriously, an increasing amount of men and turning to scalp tattoos in order to restore the hairline and crown are on their scalp. Sounds crazy, right? Well, if you have exceeded Norwood 5 to the point of no return, then you are going to have to accept the fact you are going to be bald before you know it. So, you can either accept it or go for a tattoo that gives the impression you are not actually bald at all, and choose to keep your hair cropped short. 

Can you afford a hair transplant? 
Hair transplants are becoming more popular these days, but they aren't getting any cheaper. Famous names like Wayne Rooney (pictured below) have gone done the transplant path with some success, but you should be warned that not even the best surgeon can guarantee it'll 100% work. Guys who take on hair transplants are usually at the severe stages of balding (Norwood 4+) and are looking for a natural fix. Expect to pay in the region of £5,000 - £8,000 for the full treatment.

Slow down hair loss naturally...
Natural hair health supplements are by far the most popular choice of treatment used for hair loss. There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, because they are safe and easy to take; Secondly, they are the most affordable solution. Natural supplements like HR23+ and NUTRAFOL have become increasingly popular with men and women who suffer from very early stages of thinning hair and balding. If you are in a position to tackle hair loss early, then consider a good supplement with vital hair beneficiary ingredients that will help you keep hold of your locks for longer. 


Crop your hair...
Most men suffering with hair loss make the very common mistake of growing their hair longer, in order to cover up thinning areas of their scalp. Well, believe it or not, the most effective way to make you look less like your are losing your hair is to cut it shorter. Keeping your hair cropped short makes your hair look thicker and more compact. Your gradual balding will also be less noticeable if you continue to keep your hair short. Try it!