Maintaining a decent grooming routine is far from easy - especially when you consider how busy many of us are on a daily basis. But, adding a few grooming tweaks to your daily routine while you are on the go, can make all the difference to your cleanliness and health. 

So, to keep you healthy and full refreshed throughout your working day, here are five key grooming products that are ideal for guys on the go. Whether you work in a bank or a building site, it really doesn't matter, because these 'on the go' grooming essentials will serve their purpose.

Stay fresh throughout the day
There's nothing worse than feeling dirty, especially in the work place, which is why you'll need a good multi-purpose wet wipe to keep you clean and fresh throughout your long, vigorous day. Fellas Wipes is a fantastic 'wipe and go' product that can be used in case of an emergency, and what's more, you can stash them in your wallet - a bit like condoms.

Keep your energy levels high
Let's face it, we're all in need of a good energy boost here and there, especially when we're constantly on the go. There's only so much coffee a guy can take, therefore why not boost your energy levels with a more potent and healthier choice, right? Energy releasing tablets are easy to take and convenient to store in your bag or even your pocket, being on hand to keep you revitalised throughout the day. 

Have better hair throughout the day
It's not easy to keep firmly on top of a good hair care routine, which is why the dry shampoo was created. For those instances when your hair is looking greasy and unwashed, a good dry shampoo will fix that in an instant. A good dry shampoo cleans and freshens the hair while adding a bit of volume to it, which makes it perfect for guys on the go. Dry shampoo can also be found in powder and foam form.

Cover up imperfections conveniently
Constant stress can leave our facial skin looking tired, saggy and uneven in skin complexion. Now, we're not saying you should get into a big makeup routine, but applying a little concealer can make the world of difference to your appearance. Men's concealers are becoming hugely popular, particularly with men that lead busy lifestyles. If you've got redness on the skin or black circles under the eyes to cover, then a good concealer is the perfect solution to keep you looking fresh and healthy throughout the day.

Pluck and go!
There's nothing more annoying than discovering a few stray eyebrow, nose or ear hairs that you missed in your last grooming session - and what's more, we always seem to find them at work, when there is little we can do about it. There's a simple solution for that - hair tweezers! Just store a pair in your pocket or in your bag and they'll be there to save you when you need them most.