Get the very best out of your grooming routine this Spring with some key essential products and tips that will put you one step ahead of the rest. Prepare your face, body, beard and hair for the summer season, look your best and know your routine.


For many of us, spring is often regarded as the happiest and most optimistic season of the year. With the cold winter months behind us and the hot summer fast approaching, it is easy to see why. The transition from your winter moisturisers to a more toned down spring moisturiser should be a key consideration. Start looking for skin care products that offer specifically formulated ingredients that guard against the sun and light breeze. Remember to opt for a good SPF formula, as the sun can be a lot more harmful than you think, during this deceptive season.

If you live in the UK, then you’ll most likely associate the spring season with banks holidays – and lots of them! During the bank holiday/Easter season, many of us find we are consuming a lot of alcohol and late nights out. Although this time of year is fun, try not to let it get in the way of a good grooming routine that will help you look and feel healthier in preparation for the summer. Get hold of a good anti-ageing eye cream that is designed to combat dark circles and wrinkles. Also, don't forget to drink plenty of water!

Stay hydrated, keep your nails trimmed and regularly condition your facial hair, should you have any. Also, for men that are bald, make sure you keep your scalp moisturised with a suitable sun factor – too many men underestimate the dramatic change in climate from winter to spring. Even something as dramatic as this can often go unnoticed, therefore key preparation should be a vital aspect of your spring grooming routine.

Believe it or not, spring is actually the best season for your hair. Summer tends to make us sweat more, resulting in salted, unconditioned hair. Winter has a nasty habit of drying out our hair, therefore spring offers the best balance, helping you keep your hair in better condition, naturally. So, to get the very best out of your hair, try not to wash it every day - once every other day should suffice. Pick a shampoo with excellent conditioning properties that will allow your hair to blossom, as everything tends to do during this time of year. 

Remember, summer isn't here just yet, so don't go rushing to your nearest sunbed shop in an attempt to look your bronzed best for the summer months. Spring is a season of patience, therefore it's best that you transition slowly and convert from a few winter habits to your new spring habits. 

With spring fast approaching, we take a look through some must-try men's health and grooming products that are ideal for the warming climate, taking you through to the much anticipated summer season. 
1 OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo
Keep your hair looking healthy and full with this new shampoo formulated to strengthen hair with the powerful additives, Biotin and Collagen.

2 Bull Dog Intensive 24hr Moisturiser
A fantastic new addition to the Bull Dog men's skin care range, This intense moisturiser will keep your skin looking healthier, evenly toned and younger.

3 Omorovicza Shaving Cream
A superb shave cream with a soothing texture and scent, ideal for men who are prone to sensitive skin straight after a wet shave.

4 Ishga Beard Oil
This naturally formulated beard oil is made from seaweed from Scotland's finest coastlines. Treat your beard to something a little special this spring.

5 Lavett & Chin No.2 Pomade
Style your hair to perfection with this delightful styling pomade by Lavett & Chin. One of these small tins will last you months, helping you get that extra bang for your buck.

6 The Body Shop Hand Cream
Don't forget your hands! Spring season has a nasty habit of shocking the skin as we transition into a warmer climate, so keep your hands well looked after with a natural hand cream.

7 HR23+ Hair Health Supplement
Prevent hair loss with the best supplement your money can buy. HR23+ helps prevent balding and also promotes stronger, thicker, healthier hair growth.