A wedding isn't all about her, you know! Well, it kind of is, but that's not to say it shouldn't be the biggest day in the groom's life too. There's actually a lot more to getting groomed for your wedding day than you might think, and so that's why we're bringing you the ultimate wedding day grooming guide for every bloke on his special day... 

Keep those nails trimmed and tidy
Ok, so if you want to look your very best for the big day, you've got to be starting off with the essentials. Nails! No one likes long, grubby nails on men, so the first thing you should make sure of is that your hands in general are looking clean and healthy. There's a lot of focus on your hands on your wedding day, so be sure to keep them impeccably tidy.
Groom your facial hair
If you shave regularly, then we'd recommend having a professional wet shave on the eve of your wedding. Nothing makes a bloke look so pucker quite like a clean shave, but we understand, with the beard trend firmly in place, that many men will be sporting facial hair of some sort. If you don't make a habit out of grooming your beard, then do it, even if it's just for this one day. You'll be surprised how tidy and healthy you'll look with a neatly trimmed beard.

Get your skin blemish-free
A lot of photos get taken on wedding days, so it's natural you'll want to look your best for the big occasion. If you tend to suffer from greasy facial skin, then use a matte based moisturiser to reduce shine and oiliness. If you suffer from dry facial skin, then reduce flaking by using a natural oil based lotion that will give your skin a healthy glow. Unfortunately some men are quite prone to skin iirritations such as acne and rosacea, and although it will be difficult to find a quick cure for these types of conditions, there are treatments that can minimise these effects just in time for your big day. You may also want to consider hiding these patches with a light and subtle coat of make-up.

Oral care is a must
With plenty of photographs being snapped on the big day, make sure your teeth and breath are in check. Your future wife doesn't want to remember the biggest kiss of her life for the wrong reasons, so keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean. you want want to invest in a teeth whitening service before your wedding - it'll be worth it when you look back on this day in years to come.

Avoid the bad hair day
If you're bald then keep it shaved tight, and if you have hair, be sure to get a good cut a couple of days before you walk down that isle. This really is stating the obvious, but your hair really can define how good you look, so keep it neat and everyone will be happy.