Ok, so it's the final part of our Must Try Products, and now it's the turn of the beard. Yes, here are five awesomely cool products that every beardsman has to try before the end of the year. Each and every one of these products delivers the very best for your facial fuzz, and we can't recommend them highly enough... 

Prospector Co. Burroughs Beard Oil 
Chosen by our very own editor as the best beard oil on the planet, this affordable beard oil never fails to impress. If you're looking for a soothing beard oil that'll do the job without overpowering you with woody tones, then get your mitts on this bad boy while you still can. your beard will love you forever!

Beardition Shampoo (and conditioner)
Ok, so we're cheating a little here, as we're throwing two products on this list, but you can't possibly try Beardition's natural beard shampoo without trying the conditioner too, right? If you've not tried the Beardition range yet, then get your butt over to their store and bag yourself the shampoo and conditioner right now.

Dovo Noir Stainless Beard & Moustache Scissors
These are the number 1 selling moustache and beard trimming scissors in the world. These professional-grade moustache and beard trimming scissors from Dovo are made with the finest Solingen stainless steel. Featuring patented "CatchCut" technology, micro-fine corrugation in the steel to hold hair in position while cutting to give cleaner and better cuts. 4 1/2 inches in length, blade 2 inches.

Black Boar Beard Brush
Black Boar's 100% boar bristle brush is made to maintain your beard so it can look its best. Boar bristle brushes are known to reduce frizz, detangle, and distribute oils (natural or applied). This brush is curved to fit the natural shape of the face. 
Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Softener
If you want to soften your facial hair and make it less itchy, then look no further than Beardbrand's very own Tree Ranger Beard Softener. To be honest, the whole Beardbrand range is exceptional, so if you are to try a new beard range this year, consider Beardbrand.