The binging on food has been digested, the regular late night drinking has stopped and we're full-swing into the new year. So, it's probably time to set a few new year grooming resolutions for 2016, and so to celebrate the next 12 months, we advise you to implement these 7 simple grooming resolutions into your routine, in order to get the very best from your face, body, beard and hair. 

Moisturise - daily!
Ok, so like many men, you probably already moisturise regularly, and that's great, but don't go over the top, as moisturising once a day is absolutely more than enough. Don't fall into the trap of buying a 'day' cream and a 'night' cream, as you'll probably be paying double what you should be. One solid moisturiser should more than suffice to keep your skin hydrated, revitalised and fresh.

Take good care of your lips
So many men forget to treat their lips which can be a big mistake, especially during the colder winter months. To avoid cracked and dry lips, get yourself a good lip balm that'll keep your lips in tip-top condition throughout the year. Let's face it, no one likes to kiss shredding lips!

Do something about hair loss
Over 7 million men suffer from severe hair loss in the UK alone, but very few actually try to do something about it. Now, even though there isn't a cure for male pattern baldness, there are indeed products out there that CAN prevent hair loss and increase the thickness and speed of hair growth. So, if you love your hair then don't be so quick to accept defeat and start the process of finding a solution. 

Try new grooming products
Many of us fall into that nasty habit of sticking to the same grooming products year in, year out. Well, we've got news for you - there are literally millions of grooming brands out there on the market just dying to be picked up and used on your skin and hair. Who knows, without actually trying different products, you will never know exactly what brand works best for you. Remember, we're all human, but we all react differently to beauty formulations and textures. 

Have a proper wet shave
If you shave regularly then we seriously advise you to have a professional wet shave at least once a month. Nothing beats a good wet shave in a barber shop, leaving you a closer cut than you could ever achieve at home.

Get fit and healthy
Yep, it's a common line said by millions of men (and women) in the month of January, "I'll get fit and healthy", and it's no coincidence that this is the month when gym memberships are highest. If you want the best out of your grooming then it's essential you eat and live healthy. They all work hand-in-hand, so stop bumming around and get in shape so your grooming routine is even more worthwhile. 

Keep it all neat and tidy
We're being a bit general here, but the main purpose of grooming is, well, to be groomed. So, never forget to pay attention to the finer aspects of grooming, of which we like to refer to as 'snags'. Common snags that need regular attention are nose hairs, eye-brows, pubic-hairs, ear hairs and nails. To avoid looking nasty, keep these snags groomed, trimmed, clean and whatever - just keep on top of them before they get completely out of hand.