PARA MI only produce one product, the Natural Shaving Oil. There are no variations of this product because, according to PARA MI, that is simply all you need for the most effective shave.

With much time spent experimenting with different natural oil combinations, PARA MI have created a single product with a multi-tasking purpose. First and foremost, PARA MI have developed a natural oil that is great for shaving, excellent for beard softening and it also acts as an effective moisturiser for men who are prone to dry facial skin.


"After years of using conventional shaving foams and electric razors, I just assumed suffering from dry skin, shaving rash and other shaving related irritations was all part of it. Until I was introduced to shaving oil." John Bristow, Founder of PARA MI.

Sleekly packaged and packed with goodness
Ok, so we delved a bit deeper into PARA MI shave oil to see exactly how effective this multi-tasking product actually is. Delightfully homed in a cylinder tube, PARA MI shave oil comes packaged in a sleek 50ml aluminium dropper bottle with a spray top cap. The aluminium tube does well to preserve the oil, holding its scent and texture longer than a standard plastic tube would.

An impressive ingredient list 
with a fresh yet masculine scent 

Blended with natural skin beneficiary fruit and nut oils - argan, avocado, coconut, grapeseed, macadamia, olive and sweet almond, PARA MI shave oil certainly has one of the more impressive ingredient lists of any product of this type on the market. The scent of this oil is totally unique, with a very fresh yet masculine scent that can be described as citrussy with that smooth avocado blend.

How effective is PARA MI for shaving?
The texture of this formula is not overly thick, and excellent for a smooth and easy application. The oil lubricates the skin wonderfully, softening the stubble, allowing for your chosen blade to glide through your face for a close and comfortable shave. The great thing about shaving oil in general is that you can always see exactly where you are shaving, with an oil being transparent.  

A diverse formula that can be used 
as a an effective beard oil too

How effective is PARA MI for facial hair?
Ok, so we get it, not everyone likes to shave, and with the growing trend in beards, many men are actually shopping for beard care products, which is one of the reasons why the shaving sector has taken a rather large hit in the sales department of late. Fear not though, because PARA MI shave oil is actually diverse enough to act as a beard oil, with its hair softening effects that mimic a classic beard oil. If you're partial to a bit of facial fuzz, then this oil should be purchased for it's incredibly cool scent alone.

How effective is PARA MI for moisturising?
Yes, it's true, naturally formulated beauty oils are becoming increasingly popular skin moisturisers, and this trend is set to grow even more with men over the coming years. The natural additives in PARA MI shave oil such as avocado, argan and almond have excellent skin and anti-ageing properties that soothe, repair and revitalise the skin, making this oil an ideal moisturiser during your shave, or on its own.

If you're looking for a multi-tasking beauty oil with additional benefits for your skin, then get all over PARA MI and get the very best out of this shave oil. PARA MI is made and distributed in the UK, and sells for just £20.

Look at the famous faces using PARA MI...
It seems PARA MI is already a popular hit with a few famous faces, including the England and Wasps rugby player, James Haskell, and the English Rugby Super League player, Mark Flanagan.

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