It's the most talked about trend that's been clogging up the men's grooming sector for a few years now. The Beard: Why can't many of us grow a decent patch of facial hair?

Since the boom of the beard back in 2013, the facial hair trend has continued to rise, and we now see an increasing amount of men sporting facial fuzz from all walks of life. It's just a great shame that only one in three men are actually able to grow a fully fledged beard. The rest of us mere mortals can only look at the beardsman with envy, and only wish one day our genetics will allow us to sprout a respectable beard of our own. 

So why can't many of us grow a decent beard? 
Well, the answer to this question is rather simple: It's in your genetics. The genetics handed down to you by your parents determines whether you have thick facial hair growth or not. If your father or brother has thick facial hair, then this doesn't necessarily mean you will be blessed with the same results. It all depends how much testosterone you produce and how your genetic pool is made up. 

If you are unable to grow good facial hair by the time you reach the age of 21, then it's pretty unlikely you'll ever be able to grow a full beard. But, fear not, many men still experience rapid facial hair growth as they hit their 30s, so all is not lost...there is still a glimmer of hope.

Why do so many men want a beard? 
The trend of having a beard has never before reached this sort of level. It seems every man wants a bit of facial fuzz, and the trend isn't about to go away any time soon. So what are the reasons so many men want to grow a beard? 

Aside from the current trend, the popularity of the beard is sky-high because a good, thick patch of facial hair is pretty much as manly as it gets. Sporting a thick, fuzzy beard demontrates to the opposite sex that you truly are a man, and with a beard comes masculinity, security and strength. Facial hair also demontrates that you are fully developed with little in the way of difficiencies. 

Let's face it, we like our women to be women, and it's no different for them too. Most women desire a man that is a man, which stems through the animal kingdom. It's the simple laws of attraction.