How would you feel if I said you could get a trendy haircut or shave for free at one of the most funky barber shops in Europe’s most dynamic city? See here. I could not quite believe it myself when I first heard about The London School of Barbering, arguably one of the best male modern hairdressers in the UK, offering a free of charge service in one of their vibrant salons. If you live in the city with a big focus on men’s fashion and style, where a vast number of men take pride in their appearance, the news spreads quickly. And not only that…

Intrigued and curious, you have booked your first appointment online and arranged a suitable time before walking in to the busy salon in Covent Garden. Being rather partial to a spot of luxury hospitality, you notice the inviting and classically themed cushioned red armchairs complimenting the modern wooden finish of work tops and mirror frames. You are warmly welcomed and looked after by master barbers and talented trainees. The spirits are high and you quickly get hooked on the charismatic nature of the place. Time passes by freely. The level of professionalism and attention to detail has not dropped by a single notch. You are finally ready to go with a sleek, feel good haircut. Perfectly groomed and thrilled to bits, you come to the realisation that you had been served by an exclusive group of ambitious barbers with top class skill sets for the price of a “Thank you”.


So, what makes London School of Barbering (LSB) so successful? There are a few factors that place LSB in a league of its own, in terms of quality of courses, techniques and methods that will make your free haircut an unbelievably comfortable experience. 

One of the main points is the academy’s focus on its goal – teaching the art of barbering. LSB wouldn’t be any different if it wasn’t for their drive to prepare aspiring students for ‘hands on’ work in the fastest and most efficient way possible. The aspirants know their tools and strengths and quickly gain confidence to take on even the most precise or complex of tasks - be it a cut throat shave or creating the latest 1920s inspired look. Quite simply, LSB demands the highest standards of male grooming and resultantly produces job ready experts with exceedingly high rates of competence and employability. What’s more, it keeps newly graduated barbers in the loop of male grooming trends, keeping them flexible, adaptable and highly skilled individuals within a hugely competitive trade.

The second factor that makes London School of Barbering stand out is their exclusive, one-on-one approach to teaching. What are the benefits? The learning process is more intense and students are not left out with little to no attention at the back of the class. They interact directly with the experienced trainer who helps the novice excel in developing a unique style of execution, and for me personally, this kind of approach gives me so much confidence in the whole process as the client. 

"Possibly the best haircuts in London. 
Certainly FREE haircuts"

One of the most important aspects of putting the London School of Barbering at the pedestal is that they create the environment of stress free learning. LSB believe they can bring out the best in people that are willing to develop in a trade they find enjoyable, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It really is no wonder the course places are being snapped up so quickly, gathering students from all over the world.


The London School of Barbering has a team of like-minded leaders based in London’s heart of hairdressing creativity – the west end. They recognised that many existing barbers lack the knowhow of wet shaving and utilising more advanced techniques for hair cutting and styling. This is why I would seriously consider LSB for my very first classic wet shave experience. Having it free of charge, performed under the scrutiny of one of the most sought after wet shave experts, with no risk of skin cut and minimum irritations, it’s an ultimate win-win situation.

Layering, tapering, texturising, modern finishing or traditional wet shaving, you name it, the London School of Barbering has got it covered. Without a doubt, the entrepreneurial founders of LSB have created a bespoke factory for premium barbering masters and a fantastic platform for punters to grab a high-quality haircut without spending a penny.

If you would like to know more about The London School of Barbering, pleasse visit their official website:

Article by Anna K.


Anonymous said...

Great idea this. I'll pop in for my free cut next time I'm around Covent Garden. Thanks for this post.