With the continued rise in beards, it's no surprise that beard care is the fastest growing sector in the male grooming market.  With a wide array of beard oils, shampoos, soaps and conditioners making their way onto the market, The Male Grooming Review takes a look at a company that covers every aspect of the beard that you can think of - BlackLabel Beard Company.

Made in USA, BlackLabel Beard Company covers a wide range of beard care products that includes beard oils, beard balms, moustache wax, soaps, shaving products, bath and body, beard combs and brushes.  If you are currently wearing a beard, long or short, you can be sure BlackLabel Beard Company has it covered.  

BlackLabel Beard Company were kind enough to send us a few of their products via their UK seller Unique Men, to try out for review.  The products sent to us were: Black Tie Beard Oil, Citrus Blend Beard Oil, Nude Beard Oil, Beardface Beard Oil, Conditioning Beard Balm.  All these products are made from 100% natural ingredients, which is always a great thing when you consider you are using these formulas against your skin.

The Conditioning Beard Balm is without one of the best beard balms you will come across.  The unscented formula is thick and grainy in texture and applies exceptionally well into the facial hair.  The problem with most beard balms is that they tend to be a little sticky in texture and overpowering in scent, but BlackLabel Beard Company Conditioning Beard Balm stands out from the conventional beard balm.  If you're looking to shape, thicken and texturise your beard, then this beard balm is definitely worth a try.

The great thing about BlackLabel Beard Company is that as a customer, you are able to choose a selection of sample beard oils of your choice in order to get a clearer idea of what scent most tickles your fancy.  This is especially convenient as BlackLabel Beard Company do have a rather large range of beard oils to pick from.  

The naturally formulated beard oils are also very impressive.  The Black Tie Beard Oil is not dissimilar to a classy cologne, leaving your face feeling and smelling a notch or two up from your usual standards - it's a great beard oil to wear on a night out.  The Citrus Blend Beard Oil is pretty similar to the Tea Tree Beard Oil that you can also find in this collection, but slightly more subtle - If you're into your sweeter scented beard oils then this could be the right one for you.  Nude Beard Oil is an unscented formula which is great for men looking to purely condition their facial hair without any scented formula.  Beardface Beard Oil has a very strong minty, zesty scent to it.  If you're keen on refreshing toothpaste/mouthwash type scents then this is the beard oil for you to try.

All BlackLabel Beard Company beard oils are fine in quality and excellent in texture.  If you're looking for a good range of beard oils to try out on your fuzz this beard season, then get on over to BlackLabel Beard Company today and find yourself a gem.