For many guys, the end of September represents one thing - heading back to university. Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned fourth year student, there will still be parties to be had and women to impress - oh, and a qualification to add to your CV.  Grooming at a young age has never been so vital, so to keep those dark circles and puffy eyes away and to stand any chance of ending the year as healthy looking as you started it, here are a few men's grooming basics and essentials to help get you through this next year of uni madness...

Cleansing your facial skin is a crucial part of any grooming routine - especially with all your late night partying and early morning starts.  Audaca Face Scrub is a little more expensive than many face scrubs you'll find on the market, but worth every extra penny.  You should scrub your face no more than three times a week, so use this little gem wisely and remember, a little goes a long way.

It's perfectly understandable that money can be tight and that your spending priorities as a student may lie elsewhere, but investing in a good face moisturiser should be a basic rule for your grooming routine.  Daily moisturising is especially important for uni students, what with the inevitable lack of sleep and endless late night partying.  The Shave Doctor Moisturiser is an excellent product that comes at an affordable price (under £10) and should last you a good 4-5 weeks.  Moisturising your skin now will bode well for your skin in the future, so don't let the vigorous uni activities shape your face in years to come.  Get moisturising - it only takes a few seconds of your day.

It's not just your face you need to protect and groom during your uni adventure - looking after your body is pretty important too. Invest in a decent shower gel or body wash that'll leave you feeling and smelling fresher than ever. The Gentle-Man Range do an excellent range of natural body wash formulas that will leave you smelling uniquely fresh and feeling energised for the day/night ahead.

If you're looking to get away from mainstream razors such as Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, then why not opt for a Raz*War razor?  The Raz*War El Fidel Razor is a five blade master-class cut that'll leave your face looking and feeling smoother than ever.  This razor looks great, and let's face it, the better your grooming cabinet looks the more people you are likely to impress.

OK chaps, just because you are living it up at uni and having the time of your lives, it doesn't mean you can let yourself go and expect to get away with it.  If there's one thing women detest it's long grubby nails.  Get those nails sorted and manicure your hands at least once a week.  Invest in an affordable manicure kit!

A slightly unusual addition to this list, you maybe thinking, right? Well, we all know what you lads get up to at uni so why beat around the bush?  Add a bit of fun to your uni experience with SizePro Ultra - a superbly 100% naturally formulated penis enhancer pill that'll send your rep through the roof!  SizePro Ultra can add size and longevity to your sexual performance making this supplement ideal for sexual activities when under the severe influence of booze.  

We hope we've generated some handy grooming ideas for you in this post.  Just remember to stay healthy and hydrated, and good luck for this coming year of education, partying and grooming!  For an extensive range of grooming essentials, get all over Your Next Remedy today!