The development of Beard Balm began in the late 1990s and continued until 2010 when the creators were satisfied with their creation.  The design intention has four distinct components:
  • Health—There’s nothing weird in the ingredients list. Some of them are even food grade. Combined, they defeat kinks and split ends, create a warm luster and nourish your skin.
  • Versatility— Beard Balm makes your beard look natural. Whether you’re at the club, in the board room or hanging with some hobos, your beard will come through for you.
  • Allure—It smells good. Even people who don’t like smells think it smells good. It makes people stare. It makes people want to touch it. It makes people want to rub on it.
  • Earth—Every ingredient in Beard Balm is an inexhaustible resource on our planet. Grapeseed oil is a byproduct of the wine industry, lanolin is a byproduct of the wool industry and beeswax is a byproduct of the pollination business. The coconut oil is 100% fair trade organic and together with the essential oils, they are cultivated in healthy, productive ecosystems. Even the packaging is designed to minimize habitat loss and the impact of pollution.

"Beard Balm makes beards happy. Good for your face, good for the earth, quality-controlled and endurance tested on real beards."
Beard Balm is a leave-in conditioner. Put it on after you wash your beard, when you wake up in the morning or whenever you’re feeling like your beard could use a bit of awesomeness.

To apply, soften a small amount of Beard Balm between your fingers and put it in your beard.  Beard Balm works on every type of beard at every stage of growth. From competition beards to the once-every-November chin hair, Beard Balm will help each of your whiskers realize its full potential.

Beard Balm is a terrific facial hair care product that is beautifully formulated and exceptionally branded.  The scent of Beard Balm is truly insane!  If you're looking for something really rugged, potent and manly, then look no further than Beard Balm.  The texture of Beard Balm is fairly soft in comparison to most other facial hair balms and waxes, moulding easily, making for an easy application onto your beard.  
"Beard Balm is a terrific facial hair care product that is beautifully formulated and exceptionally branded."
Whether you are currently sporting a full fuzz or a few fluffs, Beard Balm is definitely a product worth considering.  For a cleaner, sculpted beard, get your Beard Balm today!

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