Vancouver based hair styling company, AG Hair, have released some exciting new products for men that are bound to be a big hit with hair styling guru's.  We were kindly sent four products from The New Style collection to feature on The Male Grooming Review.

The look and feel of the new branding of AG Hair's The New Style is excellent - Traditional meets vintage in this classic style icons imagery. There's definitely something very James Dean about the new look and feel of this brand, with the hair models sporting the classic, medium/long length pushed back hair style, alongside the black and white. This is very much a hair fashion style that has proven to be popular in the past 4-5 years - the question is, how long will it last?

Here are a the four products that were sent to us for review, with our honest thoughts on them.  The four products sent to us are: The Conditioner & Shaving Lotion; The Shampoo & Body Wash; The Hard Gel; The Structuring Pomade.

Conditioner & Shaving Lotion: This isn't a product that you see every day - the combination of 'conditioner' and 'shaving lotion' makes you question initially what this product is actually for.  I decided to use it as a shave lotion on my chest (saving me from the dreaded wax) and it worked pretty well.  The scent is nice and soft and the texture forms a pretty decent lather, but not the best you'll ever find.  As a shaving product I would rate this shave lotion pretty averagely, but certainly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase this whole brand, staying consistent with its siblings in this range. 

The Shampoo & Body Wash is the only real product that has a negative review of the four in this collection.  Like with the Shave Lotion, the branding of this product is very good, but the actual formula just didn't work with my hair type.  When mixed into the hair, this shampoo fails to form a good lather, which is something I personally hold of major importance when it comes to a shampoo.  The scent of this shampoo is great, but it doesn't last on the hair after a wash, which again kind of defies the whole objective of a shampoo.  I'll continue to use this shampoo, but only as a body wash, for which it does a relatively decent job.

Hair Gel: Again, this is not the type of hair styling formula that I would use for my hair, as it leaves hair looking shiny and very hard in texture.  For those of you looking to sport the James Dean look, this probably isn't the right hair styling product for you, but it is ideal for slicked back hair.  If you're looking for maximum hold and shine, then this Hard Gel will be ideal for you.

This Structuring Pomade is definitely more suited to my, longer and wavy hair type.  This softly textured pomade is scented wonderfully and glides smoothly through my locks, adding volume and texture to my style.  A little does go a long way with this stuff, so if you're looking to shape and mould your hair with ease then this pomade is definitely worth a try. This is one of the best hair styling products I have tried. 

If you'd like to know more about AG Hair, then please visit their official website here: