The Obtineo Shave Mug hang dries your favourite daily safety razor and puts it on display in company's full view!  It fits nicely into the palm of your hand while you use it to create your lather and it washes out clean every time.

Obtineo was produced with the help of Kickstarter to help promote the Eco-friendly wet shave, and is made from ceramic clay - the same type used in coffee cups.

The Obtineo Shave Mug is an excellent concept that oozes style and innovation.  The look and feel of this shave mug is the best I have ever encountered.  When I saw the designs for this product last year, I was extremely excited to get my hands on one to try it out for myself. 

The Obtineo Shave Mug is designed to perfectly carry a round soap bar and a DE safety razor (compatible with all DE's).  If you prefer to shave using a shave cream or foam, then either can be easily mixed into the Obtineo Shave Mug.  What I love about this mug is its simplicity and how attractive it looks.  The minimalistic appearance gives it a generic compatibility factor with the majority of bathrooms.  It's also easy to wash and fits perfectly and comfortably into your hand during your lathering and shaving session.

If you're looking for something a little different that oozes sophistication and class to add to your shaving collection, then link up your DE safety razor and shave soap with the stunning Obtineo Shave Mug.  If you're not a regular DE safety razor user then fear not, as this mug can also be used for Fusion and Mach3 razors.

Please visit the official Obtineo Shave Mug website: www.obtineo-shave.myshopify.com