There are several reasons why every man should follow these 5 men’s manicure tips. These tips won’t involve raiding the girlfriend’s cosmetic bag for all kinds of scary gadgets and potions. They are simple tips that can fit right into any routine without taking up a lot of time.

Clean and groomed nails are important for both hygiene and appearance. Dirt and grime easily get caught under the fingernails causing illness or infection. Keeping the nails clean is an easy way to prevent that. Also now days everyone is paying close attention to the overall appearance of everyone else. Taking the little extra time to make sure your hands are clean and preventable will pay off.
  1. Clean your nails. This only takes a few extra seconds when in the shower or at the sink washing your hands. Grab a nail brush and scrub the dirt from underneath your nails. Even if the area looks clean it is still a good idea to double check with the nail brush. 
  2. Trim your nails. Use a pair of nail trimmers to cut the nail. Make a straight even cut at the base of the finger tip. Taking the time to cut even and smooth will lessen the need to filing nails with an emery board.
  3. File them for shape. If cutting trimming the nails even and smooth didn’t work out as planned, than you will have to search out an emery board. You just want to shape the nail so it is even and does not have any jagged points. A man’s nails should be smooth and non-alarming not a secret weapon of destruction.
  4. Push down the cuticles. Cuticle is the skin that grows from your finger over the base of your nail. It is good to keep this skin pushed down for a more polished look. After you have taken a shower or a soak in the tub the skin will be soft. This is the best time to push it back. Start by adding some lotion or oil. Baby oil works well, but olive oil from the kitchen can work too. Rub the oil over all the cuticles and then with the thumb from the opposite hand to push your cuticles in place.
  5. Moisturize those hands. Dry hands are horrible. The hurt the man who has them and they hurt the woman they touch. Stop the pain and buy a nice hand lotion. Then lather up throughout the day whenever you wash your hands.  

As you can see must of these tips are simple things you can add into your daily routine instead of having to set aside time to care and groom your nails. The important thing is to keep up on these tips and continue making a good impression with well taken care of hands.