DAVID BECKHAM: Vintage Meets Shabby
Let's face it, what ever David Beckham wears or however he is styled, he pretty much looks the part, setting new trends along the way. We've seen a wide array of hair cuts and images from Becks to last a lifetime, but we think his brave 2012 look tops the lot. Becks has opted for a very vintage hair style to go with the classic rock 'n' roll tattoo and facial hair design. Becks definitely gets a massive thumbs up from us for this latest look!
SHANE WARNE: Slick & Smooth
 Legendary bowler Shane Warne seems to be making the headlines for a number of reasons outside of sport since he retired from cricket. The £30,000 hair transplant was just the beginning of Warne's grooming adventure. Warne has since been seen looking a lot more smoother and slicker, not to mention a lot lighter too. As much as we respect a man who keeps himself well groomed, arne might be taking it a little too far...

BRAD PITT: Rough & Ready
Voted the best looking man on the planet numerous times, it's hard to find much wrong with the way Brad Pitt grooms himself, because let's face it, he doesn't really need to! But Brad Pitt, fast approaching 50, seems to be sporting a very shabby look of late with the long hair and beard bristle. Of all the male grooming trends the iconic actor has set down the years, we're pretty miffed by this scruffy look. He doesn't quite pull it off like Becks.
Have we ever seen anyone look as shiny as the gifted Portuguese football star? We think not! Ronaldo's image seems to get shinier and smoother with every season that passes. Fake tan, shiny skin, slick hair, cleanly and immaculately shaved and diamond eye-studs pretty much set the tone here. This very Latin European image wouldn't go down too well in the streets of London's funky East End, but Ronaldo himself seems to pull it off. We wouldn't have him any other way.

DANIEL CRAIG: Smooth & Sophisticated!
If you're a man in your 40s then you'd do well taking a few tips from the latest James Bond star, Daniel Craig. Let's face it, anyone who gets to play 007 has to have that naturally groomed look about them, so Daniel Craig certainly fits the bill here. Craig's image mixes classy style with sophistication, as well as a hint of wealth and confidence. It works and women just seem to go crazy for a man in a well tailored suit.


Mischu said...

Becks always looks great no matter what his style.