We've covered a heck of a lot of men's health and beauty brands over the past four years here at The Male Grooming Review, from skin moisturisers and shaving razors to waxing kits and health supplements.

An effective grooming routine is determined by the individual needs. For instance, some men pay more attention to their skin than their hair due to problems and irritations in that particular area, whereas other men may dedicate the majority of their grooming to other parts of their appearance or health.

Here, we bring you five essential grooming products that every man simply can't live without. So, if you're looking to get the very best out of your grooming routine to deliver maximum results, be sure to consider some of these awesome health and beauty products for your face, body, beard and hair. We've tried and reviewed this lot, so trust us, we know they're good...

Mouthwash - Keep it fresh
Just brushing your teeth doesn't always cut it where it comes to keeping your teeth clean. A good mouthwash has additional benefits of keeping your breath fresh, your teeth cleansed, and it can reduce your chances of gum disease and oral infection. 

Product recommendation: We've gone for Aesop's Mouthwash Bain De Bouche. This stunning beauty brand tend to get it right most of the time, and this mouthwash is no exception. 

Moisturiser - Keep your skin hydrated
It doesn't matter what season we are in, moisturising your face and body should be a key essential part of your grooming routine. Moisturising with naturally formulated products helps hydrate and condition your skin. If you suffer from oily skin then opt for a matte finish moisturiser, and if you suffer from dry skin then go for an oil based product to counterbalance the effect.

Product recommendation: As far as moisturisers go, it really doesn't get much more versatile than J. Nicholas Anti-Ageing Face Cream. This naturally formulated cream has an excellent consistency and texture that is ideal for both oil and dry skin. Once you've tried this stuff you'll struggle to go anywhere else.

Facial Hair - Condition your beard
For those of us who like to wear a beard, and let's face, there are a fair few of us in this category at the moment, you should never neglect your facial hair when it comes to your grooming routine. Men who have beards tend to neglect their skin, which isn't good. Make sure you groom your beard to keep your facial skin hydrated and protected. 

Product recommendation: We had the pleasure of reviewing Beardbrand beard oils, and we can recommend this range very highly indeed. These oils comes in three scents; original, tea tree and spiced citrus, all of which are very pleasant. Using a beard oil daily has the multi-effect of cleansing your facial hair and hydrating your skin.

Shaving - Prevent skin irritation
Despite the recent beard trend, there are still many men who value the more traditional wet shave practises.  If you're partial to a regular wet shave, then be sure to get yourself a good shave cream that'll help soothe your shave and protect your face from razor burn and other common skin irritations. 

Product recommendation: Jermyn Street Shaving Cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of the best shave creams we have had the pleasure of reviewing on The Male Grooming Review. If you're looking for a beautifully textured cream that lathers well and
smells insanely good, then get your hands on this little gem for the very best results.

Hair health - Prevent hair loss and thinning hair
Hair loss affects over 60% of men, so it's little wonder the hair health industry has continued to grow in recent years.  If you're worried about balding then be sure to treat your hair with proven ingredients that work to enhance your growth and prevent hair fall.


Product recommendation: We have covered a fair bit of HR23+ hair restoration tablets on The Male Grooming Review since this supplement launched in 2014, and we've been mightily impressed by its results. The ingredients in this winning hair health supplement can help prevent hair loss and increase the thickness and speed of hair growth. If you're starting to recede or thin on the top, then be sure to try HR23+ and see how it can benefit your hair in the long run.