With the excessive eating, drinking and partying of the festive season well and truly over, many of us are faced with the dreaded, or optimistic, prospect of sticking to our new year resolutions. Most of us have formed new year resolutions that consist of better health, diet and weight loss. For many, it's all about discovering dynamic skin and body care solutions that actually work.

If you're particularly passionate about anti-ageing skin care products and need something that gives you that little extra for your skin and body, then consider Your Next Remedy's newest and most exciting line of anti-ageing serums yet - DAVAJ

DAVAJ is a stunning new trio of anti-ageing serums for your eyes, face and body, handmade with natural and effective ingredients that actually work to lift, firm, remodel and stimulate your facial and body skin. The DAVAJ range has been carefully formulated with specific ingredients that were combined to deliver the best possible results. 

Further more, DAVAJ use special vitality glass bottles, not only to protect the serums, but also enhance the properties. This excellent addition of speciality bottles shows the careful consideration and attention to detail of this winning brand. The added bonus is that they look terrific and would compliment any collection of beauty products.

Although branded slightly more for the female eyes, DAVAJ should really be considered a unisex range, proving already to be a popular choice with men, as well as women.

If you'd like to know more about this innovative range of anti-ageing serums, then get on over to Your Next Remedy today and find out everything you need to know about the blend of ingredients, additives and reasoning behind the formulas.